Bayou Marine Insulation's Blankets Provide:


               Professional High Quality Protection

                                            Wide temperature range capacity

                         For use of up to 2300 F

                   Excellent Heat & Fire Protection

            Thermal Shock & Corrosion Resistence

           Reduction in Engine Room Temperature

                       Reduction in Engine Noise

                              Freeze Protection

                           Energy Conservation

Asbestos Free Applications Include but not limited to:

Engine Room Piping             Valves, Flanges, Pumps                     Mudboat Exhaust                              Mufflers

  Wire Protection                         Hot Oil Tanks                                 Expansion Joints                             Pipe Spools

  Air Compressors                         Generators                                    Hydraulic Units                             Mud Pumps

              Heat Exchanger Channels & Flanges                                                      In Stack Mufflers & Piping

Bayou Marine Insulation Provides

               High Quality Marine Insulation:

                                                  "Oilfield ,Marine Industry"

       Barges     CG Boats     Gaming Vessels      Oilfield Equipment

     Lift Boats         Private & Commercial Yacht's     Mudboats

  Cruise Ships       Utility Boats          Crew Boats     Workboats

 Suppy Vessels          Offshore & Inland Tugs              Plants